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Our Types Of Shipping For Drivers

Miscellaneous Shipping- Less than Truckload

Less than Truckload – This is the most popular type of shipment request. This shipping method involves a process by which your items are loaded on a truck that shares space with other shipments. These items remain on the truck until they reach their destinations.

Single Shipping - Truckload

Truckload – When you need a truck strictly for your shipment that includes more than 10 pallets of goods, you have the option to choose Single Shipping. Full truckload shipments typically go directly from point A to B with no stops in between. This provides the quickest method to quickly move a large quantity of your good at your request. We have Temperature-Controlled trucks if your items require refrigerated or frozen temperatures. We offer several options for refrigerated truckload services. At Truckvancargo LLC we understand that it is important to have all your shipping needs at your fingertips. That is why we have developed e-business tools that create value for your company. With the ability to conduct business electronically, your customers will have a better method to obtain goods regardless of economic times. Truckvancargo LLC. has developed an award-winning app and website that provides our customers with the necessary tools to conduct business more efficiently and cost-effective. Truckvancargo LLC. is dedicated to learning more about your specific operations, your service needs, your customers, and their expectations. We host Customer Advisory meetings, which is an interactive forum where we gain a more in-depth understanding of customer requirements. Through this collaboration with our customers, we gain better insight into how to improve our technology efforts.

Your shipments arrive when you need them, in good condition and from a professional and courteous driver. We are a guaranteed reliable on-time service that provides to you a worry and hassle-free shipping experience, Tuckvancargo has made it easy for you to track and trace your shipments in real-time as well as obtain the cheapest rate quotes at your fingertips on our Truckvancargo App.

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