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Express Shipping

We offer 24/7 Rush Express delivery services within all major US cities for customers with time-sensitive needs. The fastest way to send and receive deliveries within a 30-mile radius. We use the most up-to-date technology which will guarantee delivery between 25 and 45 minutes of any order-this service is sophisticated popular and satisfaction guaranteed. All of our Truckvancargo drivers are 5 minutes within your reach. We guarantee that your packages will be delivered on time and in a safe condition. We look forward to working with you and getting your deliveries on the road. This service can be used to ship letters, large envelopes small boxes the weight doesn't exceed 29 lbs. this is the most inexpensive way to ship something and the best way to ship something light. If you are shipping a package that can qualify as a "letter"

Miscellaneous Shipping

A compilation of multiple small items into one big shipment is what makes this service a miscellaneous one. It allows the benefit of earning preferred rates and also helps in the optimization of the supply chain logistics thus saving huge costs and a lot of time. Very much ideal for a less number or a few pallets of freight or smaller quantities of goods, it proves to be a cost-effective way to transport goods. Small quantity shipments arrive from various locations and pick-up destinations and are combined into one single shipment according to the drop-down/ similarity of location. It spares the individual sellers/ vendors from the huge costs involved with transporting less-filled loads.

Multiple Shipping

Sending and receiving multiple parcels can be an idea that can be assumed by some as a tedious one but we, for a change, make it an easy job with our multi-drop delivery option. Starting from a different least value of 2 drops going up to the maximum of 20 drops, our service really saves our customers time and money. Supported by a strong system of consolidated/ one-go pick-ups/ collections meaning having multiple drops done at once, we then work out the most efficient route for the driver to deliver all the proximate items. This statistic works upon a well-grouped delivery route and is variable to the distances traveled. Doing so makes it far cheaper and more eco-friendly in general.

Single Shipping

Is door-to-door deliveries with competitive pricing You will know the costs immediately and your shipments will be easy to manage. We maximize your budget by tailoring affordable pricing that meets your needs. We're focused on making every part of your shipping experience fast, efficient, and at a reasonable cost. If your shipment is going a long distance, there’s a good chance it will require several different modes of transportation to get from point A to B. With single shipping, you can get instant quotes. You will have the ability to get notifications from the driver as he/she is delivering your items. After you’ve compared the quotes and done your due diligence, we are confident that you will find that this shipping method is the best option that will meet your needs at an affordable price.

Multiple Express Deliveries

Is a way for small businesses to have an option to have any type of small items delivered to separate locations within an 8-mile radius. You have the option for up to 15 deliveries at a time. Grocery stores, offices, clothing departments, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses can use this method of same-day delivery to multiple places at a reasonable price. This delivery allows the merchant to save on the cost to find a company through an agent or middle-man. There is direct contact with the deliverers and you will be able to track the deliverer to all the locations. This method guarantees the items will arrive on time at each location you request.

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