About US

TruckVanCarGo was founded in January 2017 to create a better way for people who want to ship freight within the United States, and internationally. There are countless companies seeking out more efficient and reliable shippers to handle their goods to further their trade and business more easily and without hidden extra fees. TruckVanCarGo is designed to do exactly that. By simply inputting basic information, in seconds transport carriers appear local to the customer. Previously, you had to either spend hours online or on the phone to find carriers to ship your freight with the hope you found the most proficient shippers at the most reasonable prices. Now the technology used by TruckVanCarGo makes your business life much easier and you can book your shipment with confidence within minutes, with the use of your fingertips.

We also provide a way to make drivers earn a substantial living independently without having any bureaucratic infringements on their profit potential. TruckVanCarGo gives shipping companies both large and small, as well as the solo businessman or businesswoman the opportunity to make the money they deserve without a middle man taking a portion of it. These companies/individuals simply have to download this App, enter the personal information necessary to ensure we have responsible drivers, and then their road to success and big business rapidly begins.

All across the United States there are many customers interested daily in Express service to send small items, parcels, or letters within 30 miles of their place of business without paying a large price. TruckVanCarGo provides an express delivery option that allows you to do just that without paying exorbitant prices. With a few touches of the buttons after selecting this option, you will be able to choose from numerous available drivers who are local to you, to complete this task at a fraction of the usual cost.

Within the United States and internationally people are interested in renting their car/truck/van but are not sure how to proceed. Now TruckVanCarGo allows these individuals a simple and lucrative way to advertise their vehicles. They just need to register with our App and their hopes become their realities.

We are the first to solve the puzzle of how to ship, rent, and have small items delivered in a reliable fashion at the touch of your fingertips. With TruckVanCarGo we have developed our own Application technology that is current with the demands of our ever increasing economy and ever increasing demands for services that do not involve bureaucratic red tape and hidden fees. This App will change the future of the shipping and renting industries as well as express delivery, and forever change how the consumer and big and small businesses work and achieve what all people strive to achieve, success.

We can serve all walks of life, from the small business shipments to the largest and still maintain the highest standards of service because we are committed to perfection. We have integrated technology and powerful tools to bring Shipping, Renting, and Express Delivery under one Application. Our technology sends to all users of our App quotes prior to selection of a potential shipper, express deliverer, or rental vehicle. TruckVanCarGo also provides online information to track your shipment and confirmation notifications to ensure your goods were delivered to give you full peace of mind. Our App is designed to serve your needs in every way, but more simply and more efficiently.

We give you patented technology at the touch of your fingers.