We simplified the shipping /Express delivery/Renting vehicles.

TruckVanCarGo was founded in January 2017 to create a better way for people who wants to ship the freight and transporter to create their business through our company technology by paying a small amount to use the technology. There are countless transport carriers struggling to reach the customers and customer looking for transporter to ship their consignments. You had to either spend hours online or on the phone to find out the carrier to ship your freight, you spend hours to comparing rates and carriers, or just book with one carrier and hope you chose the best possible option. Now the technology used by TruckVanCarGo makes your life easy and you can book your consignment in minutes on your fingertips.

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Our Services


User can hire vehicle with driver for two services:

  1. Single Cargo Shipment: This service is available for shipping one cargo at a time. User have to fill a form in which he provided all the information related to his cargo shipment.
  2. Multiple Cargo Shipment: This service is available for shipping multiple cargo in one booking. User have to provide all the information related to shipping cargo. For multiple deliveries user entered multiple shipment locations with the item details which are delivered at that particular place or location.

Express Delivery

If you are in hurry then you use this service. There are some limitations to use this service which are as follows:

  • $25 for 30 miles.
  • only available if the travel distance is with in 30 miles.


In this service user can take vehicle on rent for delivered his cargo. Before giving vehicles on renting, there is an agreement which is dully signed by company as well as by user. After signing the agreement form, vehicle is hand over to the user.

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Driver Module


If a driver having sub driver than we can say this is a Master Driver or a Company. In this Master Driver can add multiple Sub Driver or multiple vehicle. Master Driver can manage sub driver Rides, payments, profile, etc. Master Driver will get ride payment for their sub driver.

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We can say Sub Driver or a single Drive or a driver having only one vehicle. Sub Driver will assign by Master Driver and also get payment by Master Driver.

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You can book your shipping and avail the service of express delivery. We provide you both the services. To use our services first you have to register yourself with us. After successful registration log-in with your email id and password which you used at registration time.

Total three type of service is provided :

  1. Shipping : You have to just book your shipping ,rest will be done by us.
  2. Renting : Take a vehicle and ride yourself to delivered your cargo
  3. Express Delivery : We provide this service to customer who have small package with in 30 miles distance with $ 25 .

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